MADD Believes in Zero

Charity Name
Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Charity Type

CFC Number

Blank White Screen
A red line spins out of nothing to form the number zero underlined for emphasis.
The number zero grows and spins out of view, the center of the zero replaced by text of the first sentence and a red graphic of stick figure child in bed. Alone.
Image replaced by new image sliding in leftward of mother and daughter in front of school. Daughter reaches for mother’s hand as mother fades away.
New image slides in leftward. School bus drives, left, off screen. Drops off two children in front of a house. The children fade away.
New image slides downward. The number zero. Underlined. Below it says “Victims of Drunk Driving.”
Zoom into center of number zero to Text: MADD= Your support. Text fades, replaced by the number zero.
Zoom into center of zero to mother and daughter in front of school.
Replace by leftward image of father reading to child in bed.
Leftward image of school bus dropping off two children who do not fade away.
Trademarked MADD Logo, Slogan and Website.

At MADD, we believe in Zero. [00:01]
Zero Fathers who aren’t there for bedtime.
Zero Mothers who miss the first day of school. [00:03]
Zero children who never come home. [00:09]
We believe in zero victims of drunk driving. [00:12]
With MADD, your support adds up to zero. [00:15]
Because we believe in a hug on the first day of school. [00:19]
We believe in another bedtime story. [00:22]
We believe in no more victims, we believe in zero.