Losing Ground - The Greatest Threat

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Equine Land Conservation Resource

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Video contains images of horses, horse farms, horse competitions and variety of equine culture, along with images of open lands vs. encroaching development. Content illustrates the vital importance of saving open lands to preserve the personal health and economic benefits of horses in our lives.
Audio Transcript:
America is losing 6000 acres of open lands every single day. Why does this matter? What makes horses and horse lands good for us and our communities? Open land is important to our environment. Horse land helps to control and filter storm water. Vegetation helps protect the soil and cool the air. Horses contribute to our physical health and well-being by taking us out into nature and giving us fun and exercise. Horses bring jobs and income to our communities. Horses and horse lands help visitors enjoy our communities more. But horses can't give us these benefits without the land to support them. How can we protect our horse lands? Equine Land Conservation Resource can help you to advocate for horses in your community. It's something we need to do for the future of our young riders.