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Opening picture is the LLR logo. There is no voice over throughout, only subtitles
Picture 1 is a soldier in desert camo in the machine gun turret of a Humvee. “Only three days into a peacekeeping mission in the sprawling suburb known as Sadr City.”
Picture 2 shows a wounded soldier taking cover behind a brick wall. “10,000 members of the Mahdi Militia ambushed our patrol leaving us bloodied and stranded.”
Picture 3 shows an LMTV military truck with several soldiers in the back engaged in a firefight. “We would have died that day but for the exceptional bravery of our brothers who rode to our rescue in unarmored trucks.”
“They were cut to pieces.”
Picture 4 is of a man in civilian clothes kneeling at the grave of a soldier in Arlington. “Seven warriors never made it home.”
Picture 5 shows the LLR main building. “And what did they purchase?”
Picture 6 is of an older veteran in front of the LLR entrance. “LLR houses homeless veterans.”
Picture 7 is of a group of veterans laying ceramic tile.” Teaches the value of hard work.”
Picture 8 is of a veteran with a shovel. “to find purpose in giving back to the community.”
Picture 9 is of a veteran forging a knife. “of learning something new…”
Picture 10 is of a WWII veteran drinking coffee. “of honoring the heroes of days past…”
Picture 11 is of a veteran giving the peace sign. “and help them rediscover their worth.”
Picture 12 is of a helmet, rifle and boot memorial display in Iraq of seven fallen warriors. “This is what they paid for.”
Final picture is of the LLR motto Restoring Heroes, Lancerlegacyranch.org. “Join the legacy. CFC#28621”