Invest in Your Community

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Community Shares of Illinois

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Invest in your community. (photo of wooden block house in grass)
We support organizations working to improve local communities. (photo of community meeting)
We connect donors with opportunities to create change. (photo of rescue cat)
Community Shares members change minds, change laws, and change lives. (photo of man with arm raised in front of state capitol)
Support Community Shares and make an impact on the causes you value the most. (caption on green background)
Provide housing and prevent homelessness. (photo of house being built)
Support our heroes. (photo of veteran holding American flag)
Empower women, children, and families. (photo of mother and children)
Foster arts, culture, and humanities. (photo of art teacher and students painting)
Create a just society. (photo of marchers holding signs in street)
Improve health and nutrition. (photo of family at food bank)
Promote animal welfare. (photo of rescue dog)
Community Shares of Illinois, CFC code 46760. (charity logo)