Invest in Your Children, Invest in Scouting

Charity Name
Baltimore Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

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Fade in.
Shooting of a bow and arrow.
Switch to kayaking through a river.
Switch to zip-lining over water with a girl passing by.
Cut to a mother and her two sons with her saying “my sons have been in Scouting since my eldest son was in first grade”, cut to the two boys in the woods.
Go back to the mother and sons with her saying “I have one son who is a highly functioning autistic child”
Cut to kids hiking in the woods, a kid mountain biking, and kids at the top of a mountain with the woman saying “Scouting has helped him overcome so many things”
Cut to a boy in Scout uniform at a table with friends and then an adult, then to a second woman with her saying “Scouting truly does make the most of the time we have with our child.”
Cut to scouts in uniform with flags walking down an aisle, a boy outdoors, and two boys at a camp site with the second woman saying, “They grow so fast that Scouting provides, um,”
Then cut back to the second women with her tearing up saying, “a family opportunity to be involved with something that makes a difference in our son.”
Cut to the first woman outside, with her sons and husband on a couch, her and her husband in their home, saying “Invest in you children and make sure you build these times, memorable moments now.”
Then cut to just the first woman speaking in her home saying, “Please invest in your children and do it through Scouting”
Switch to rock climbing, having help to the top by a boy then a girl.
At the top watch the sunset with three girls.
Than switch to a white screen reading “Boy Scouts of America” “Baltimore Area Council” and
Fade out.