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The video features Bronwyn Scott, the founder of Inspiring More minds, sharing the mission and services of the organization. She is seated in her home.

Transcript of Captions:
Pain, more pain and extreme pain. That is the face of Sickle Cell Disease. Sickle Cell Disease is an extremely debilitating blood disorder. It can affect your ability to maintain a job, finish school, have a family or just do everyday regular activities.

As an individual suffering with Sickle Cell Disease as well as the founder of Inspiring More Minds,
I can attest to the importance of support. Inspiring More Minds is a non-profit organization aimed to ease the lives of those suffering with Sickle Cell Disease. We do that by providing emergency grants, advocacy, scholarships and emotional support. Help us, help them! 64949, That’s our CFC number, don’t forget my rhyme!