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UMCM Suncoast

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Action: Video opens with view of a classroom table and moves to show a child’s toy

Audio & Caption: Every time someone comes into our office or into one of our programs the mission of UMCM

Action: Video fades out of child’s toy and shows a picture of adult students from the citizenship class

Audio & Caption: is to talk with them

Action: Video fades from picture of students to partial screenshot of US Constitution

Audio & Caption: to find out where they're struggling in their lives

Action: Video fades from US Constitution to watching UMCM Suncoast CEO discussing the organization

Audio & Caption: where they have challenges, or where they have goals. And to determine how we can help them to meet those.

Action: Video fades from CEO to Housing Support program showing one of our participants

Audio & Caption: I was at the end, I mean, I was ready to give up.

Action: Video shows participant giving testimonial as to her experience with UMCM Suncoast

Audio & Caption: It was everything I needed; it's like God took everything I was praying and put it all on this house.

Action: Video fades from Housing Support participant to children and teacher walking towards and playing at swingset

Audio & Caption: And the program not only just affects the children

Action: Video fades from children to parent of child in a UMCM Suncoast Center for Early Learning giving testimonial

Audio & Caption: in a positive way, but it affects us parents in a positive way as well.

Action: Video fades from parent to Literacy & Citizenship

Audio & Caption: And after I got all the help from these people, these beautiful people

Action: Video fades from Literacy & Citizenship to citizenship student giving his testimonial about participating in UMCM Suncoast program

Audio & Caption: I decided to start coming here as a volunteer.

Action: Video fades from citizenship participant to food pantry volunteer stocking shelves

Audio & Caption: We try to stay on the cutting edge of best practices research

Action: Video fades from food pantry volunteer to children sitting on the ground playing together

Audio & Caption: and

Action: Video fades from children playing to conference hall filled with community members volunteering to assist program participants

Audio & Caption: to start things that will have a great impact in the community.

Action: Video fades from roomful of volunteers and participants to classroom with volunteer businessman reading to children

Action: Video fades from volunteer reading to children to children walking and dancing in classroom

Action: Video fades from children walking & dancing to UMCM Suncoast logo