I was made for guiding you.

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Guide Dogs of Texas

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Video shows images of puppies, young dogs in training, and advanced training video of instructor with guide dog.
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From the moment they are born, our puppies are groomed to be future guide dogs that will one day change lives. Aspiring guide dogs are ushered into the Puppy Program, the next stop on their journey to success. Training includes navigating stairs, avoiding hazards, and stopping at intersections.
Guide dog client sitting in chair giving testimonial.
[Client Voice]
I was kind of deteriorating into " I'll be fine at home" and I definitely didn't want to be that kind of person with my kids so young and growing up. I really wanted to set a better example and I took the first step and called Guide Dogs of Texas. And it's the best thing I've done. Ever.
[Video shows still pictures of clients with guide dogs while a different client gives a testimonial. ]
Seymore kept me from walking into the street right in front of a bus. If I didn't have him I'm positive I would have been hit by a vehicle that day.
[Video shows still image of CFC number, Guide Dog logo, and client with guide dog]
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