Hunger is a Story We Can End

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Foodbank of Santa Barbara County

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00.00.00 (A woman teaches young children in a school classroom)

00.00.01 Child speaking: There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.

00.00.03 (Children eating lunch)

00.00.05 Child speaking: She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do.

00.00.06 Text on screen: Car in the shop = no money for groceries

00.00.06 (Woman rides city bus home, rests her head on the window and closes her eyes)

00.00.09 (Woman arrives home to care for her children, a young boy and girl)

00.00.13 Child speaking: She gave them some broth

00.00.13 (Woman pours soup into two of three bowls)

00.00.16 Child speaking: without any bread

00.00.17 (Woman sits at the table with the two children and watches them eat soup)

00.00.20 Child speaking: and kissed them all soundly

00.00.21 Woman speaking: Lights out!

00.00.22 Girl and boy children speaking: Goodnight!

00.00.22 (Woman puts the children to bed)

00.00.23 Child speaking: and put them to bed

00.00.24 Adult man speaking: Hunger is a story we can end. End it at

00.00.26 (Foodbank of Santa Barbara County logo appears on screen)

00.00.30 Video ends