Hope Rising From Ashes

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International Orthodox Christian Charities

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Spyros Doukoudakis and his daughter Olga used to live in Mati, Attica. I was almost stepping on the fire, the flames reaching up to thirty-forty meters. I could not have imagined that I would find my home in a state as if no one had ever lived in it. Everything vanished. I return because I want to rebuild the house and make this place feel like home again. "Apostoli" and IOCC have been supporting the fire victims of East Attica with support programs, emergency aid and relief since day one. "Apostoli" - help us change our lives.

The video depicts how a fire destroyed many homes, including Spyros Doukoudakis and his daughter Olga, and how they have returned to hopefully help rebuild their home in order to restore normalcy to their lives.