Helping Our K9 Heroes

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Paws of Honor

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Slide 1 – Paws of Honor logo
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Slide 2 – Retirement celebration photo
Text - “All over the nation there are retired military and law enforcement K9s”
Slide 3 – Uniformed office and K9 photo
Text - “Because of the demanding nature of the jobs, many need specialized care as they age”
Slide 4 – military K9 and handlers photo
Text - “When K9s retire, usually around the age of 10, all the dogs’ benefits cease
Slide 5 – post surgery K9 photo
Text - “The senior years of a dog’s life are the most critical and most expesive
Slide 6 – K9 and handler with former President Bush
Text - “What a K9 and their handler share is an unbreakable bond”
Slide 7 – K9 Arno posing with trophies
Text - “They train relentlessly to keep their handler, our country and citizens safe
Slide 8 – Running K9 wearing vest
Text - “As they age many K9s suffer from degenerative disc disease seizures, arthritis, cancer, and so much more
Slide 9 – Shaved dog back post-surgery stitches
Text - “Approximately 40% or their lifetime veterinary care occurs in the last 2 years of their lives, expenses can average $5000.00 or more
Slide 10 – Yellow Lab wearing baseball cap
Text - “This financial burden often puts the handler in a difficult position of deciding if they can afford the care for their canine partner
Slide 11 – Hospitalized K9 this front leg bandaged
Text - “These military and police K9s and their partners DESERVE BETTER in return for their commitment and service to or country
Slide 12 – Police dog on the beach
Text - “Your donation will help subsidize veterinary care for these brake K9s
Slide 13 – Yellow Lab on a beach towel at the beach
Text - “making sure they enjoy a good quality life, and that their offier/handler/owner is not unduly burdened by costs
Slide 14 – silhouette of dog on a dock at sunset
Text - “They’ve earned the right to have some fun, relax and receive the best care
Slide 15 – text only “CFC contributions have been a lifeline for us, Every gift, large or small,
makes a difference