Gilchrist: More Than Hospice

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[A man in a suit sits at a desk and writes. We hear his thoughts as a voiceover.]
Man in Suit: Mom can’t get to her doctor’s appointments anymore. How am I going to handle this?

[A woman sits outside at a table with a cup of coffee. We hear her thoughts as a voiceover.]
Woman with Coffee: Dad just isn’t coping with Mom’s illness. Would counseling work?

[A green animated line forms a set of question marks.]
Voiceover: Families facing a serious illness have questions.

[An older woman with a book on her lap sits on a bed. We hear her thoughts as a voiceover.]
Woman on Bed: I’m not ready for hospice. I just need some help. Who can I call?

[A green animated line forms a team of health professionals.]
Voiceover: Gilchrist has answers. We are so much more than hospice.

[The words “Counseling & Support, Elder Medical Care, and Hospice Care” show on the screen.]
Voiceover: We’re your support system at every stage of an advanced illness.

[Gilchrist’s logo and contact information appears on the screen: Gilchrist; Informed Choices, Better Care. 888-823-8880.]
Voiceover: Gilchrist. The sooner you call, the better you’ll feel.