Gary Sinise Foundation Impact & CFC Thank You Video - With Subtitles

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Gary Sinise Foundation

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Transcript with a description of the video, featuring Gary Sinise of the Gary Sinise Foundation.
[video description: Video opens on triple amputee veteran Andrew Bottrell walking with prosthetics, as he follows his young toddler down a hallway in their specially adapted smart home. The little girl gets to a room at the end of the hallway and turns around to smile at her dad. He catches up to her and smiles, she smiles, and they turn to walk into the room.]

Gary Sinise: “The pursuit of happiness”. It’s the fundamental right of every American.

[video description: The video cuts to seven Marines in uniform, standing shoulder to shoulder at a Gary Sinise Foundation event. The four Marines in the center are holding flags, the Marines on the outside raise their rifles, and hold them across their chests. We see police officers on motorcycles supervising from afar.]

Gary Sinise: The members of our military and first responders protect our way of life, and commit themselves to defending our freedom.

[video description: Officer Michael Flamion, paralyzed from the neck down, sits in his mobility device and uses a ramp to exit a specially adapted van. The video cuts to a wheelchair bound WWII veteran shake hands with a young man in military uniform, then to Marines marching in unison with flags.]

Gary Sinise: And at the Gary Sinise Foundation we commit ourselves, to them.

[video description: Corporal Alan Babin, Jr., paralyzed from the waist down, receives a hug from Gary Sinise at the dedication ceremony for his specially adapted smart home. Video cuts to Officer Flamion’s home dedication ceremony, where a giant American flag is moved to reveal his new specially adapted smart home.]

Gary Sinise: While we can never do enough for our defenders, veterans, first responders, and their loved ones…

[video description: Images of our nation's defenders appear from various Gary Sinise Foundation events, an elderly Navy veteran shakes hands with young soldiers, Gary Sinise leans down to talk with a wounded veteran in a wheelchair, police officers stand together, the wife and young daughter of a smart home recipient play together at a playground.]

Gary Sinise: …we can always do a little more.

[video description: Cut to the Gary Sinise Foundation Logo, then to Gary speaking to the camera in the Foundation’s new Center for Education and Outreach.]

Gary Sinise: The Gary Sinise Foundation is proud to be included in the world’s largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign, and I would like to thank the Federal employees who have made generous pledges to the Gary Sinise Foundation through the combined Federal campaign.

[video description: Cut to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) logo, then back to Gary.]

Gary Sinise: I want you to know how much we appreciate your gift. Thank you.

[video description: video fades to black and ends]