Free Burma Rangers

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Free the Oppressed dba Free Burma Rangers

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[Opening title slide reads “Free Burma Rangers, Free the Oppressed”]
[Sounds of war are heard while footage of explosions and tanks in Mosul, Iraq, plays. Intense instrumental music begins and continues throughout the video.]
[As Dave talks, footage plays of Dave and the team in Mosul, Iraq. They are seen running behind a tank on the demolished streets. The scene flashes back to Dave in the jungle in Burma, which is where his audio clip was recorded. The scene returns to Mosul. Dave runs out from behind a tank to rescue a little girl who was seen hiding among dead bodies. Two male teammates provide cover for him. Rapid gunfire is heard and intense music plays in the background.]
Dave Eubank: There’s no promise of justice on this world. There’s no promise of a safe way out. In fact, we’re all going to die. And so the question is, how are we going to live?
[Footage of families crawling out of their hiding places in the walls of buildings is shown. Dave is seen helping pass an infant out of the hiding place.]
Mixed news reporter voices: The small band of volunteers…risking their lives…to help victims that are caught on the frontlines of the War on Terror…
[Text slide says “A former special forces officer,” describing Dave Eubank]
[Dave is seen speaking directly to the camera. Then he is seen running in bombed-out Mosul. The team carries a body from the rubble. The video flashes back to the Eubank family traveling by boat in Myanmar. Then it returns to Mosul, looking past Dave’s shoulder from within a Humvee.]
Dave Eubank: We’re in ISIS territory, surrounded by them. Where is my role? I want to be where I’m most needed and I feel that’s where people are being attacked or they’re in trouble.
[Text slide says “His young family”]
[Instrumental music plays over footage of Karen Eubank with daughter Sahale as an infant. They are in a tent. Then footage plays of a young Sahale riding a horse in the Burmese jungles. Next, Karen and the family are seen skydiving.]
Karen Eubank: As a mom, I used to call my vocation fear management.
[A clip is shown of Victor Marx and Dave Eubank showing how to disarm someone who points a gun at you.]
[Footage of the Eubank family exploring canyons, mountain climbing, rappelling, plays while Karen speaks. The scene changes to her speaking directly to the camera.]
Karen Eubank: I feel God saying, as crazy as it seems, “This is the path I have for you.”
[Karen is seen crossing a bamboo bridge with ethnic people in Karen State, Myanmar. She is carrying a large hiking pack]
[Text slide says “following a call”]
[The Eubank family is seen sitting around a campfire in Myanmar. Sahale and Suu are holding their pet monkeys while Karen sets up their living space in the background. All the kids are singing.]
[As Dave speaks, Rangers are seen carrying a sick man in a hammock attached to a bamboo pole. Close-ups of Rangers’ faces are shown. Dave is seen leading a team hiking through the jungle.]
Dave Eubank: Lord, should I do something? Can I do something? I just felt “go!”
[Text slide says “to bring love into war”]
[Dave is seen running behind a tank in Mosul on his way to rescue the little girl from the opening scenes.]
Dave Eubank: Evil will not triumph.
[Text slide says “”. The intense music from the beginning of the video fades out.]