Found - Fostered - Furever

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A.C.T. Now Rescue - Animals Count Too

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2019 CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) Video Submission
ActNow! Rescue, St. Louis, MO
CFC Number 25104
Act NOW! Rescue is a not-for-profit no kill organization committed to saving dogs, both stray and those in euthanizing shelters, in order to nurse them to health through our foster care system and place them into loving, adoptive homes. We will demonstrate responsible guardianship for our animals and offer educational programs to present information about
animal overpopulation, spay and neuter, how to be a responsible pet guardian, and safety for pets and their owners.

We work to help reduce pet overpopulation through our spay and neuter programs as well as offer spay and neuter services to low income families.

Video Submission : “Found - Fostered - Furever”

Video introduction and Logo, ActNow! Rescue with a puppy print for an exclamation point. Slow, gentle instrumental music begins to play.

FOUND : “Our dogs are FOUND … abandoned, forgotten, sad and alone.” Still images of three of our dogs, hungry, chained outside, abandoned and lonely. The last image, 5 black and white puppies in a dirt floored enclosure surrounded by a chain link fence.

FOSTERED : “Taken in and FOSTERED ... given a second chance and shown how to be a dog again.” Still images of a dog’s expression of trepidation and hope, three dogs taken into the foster care system, sitting on a couch for the first time and a puppy sitting next to his first toy, not sure yet what to do.

FUREVER : “A home is FUREVER … unconditional love is closer than you think!” Still images of an older dog, sleeping peacefully, safe and cozy on the couch with his blankets, a smiling man in a red sweater with his newly adopted dachshund, and a family portrait of a young couple, outdoors with the new addition to their family, a black lab mix.

“Every donation helps save lives … and buy dog cookies!”

“Thank you! ActNow! Rescue”

Music : “Memories” by Benjamin Tissot -