Food Finders 2019 CFC Virtual Charity Video

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My name is Eric and I'm staff here at Food Finders, just wanted to let you know that your CFC support goes a long way with Food Finders because every dollar you give today allows us to give 13 meals to a charity impacting the lives of people on a daily basis. Every day we help charities throughout Southern California of all shapes and sizes provide food to their clients and feed people in need. People that are no different than you and I. Our mission is simple, rescue food from being wasted and ensure it gets into the hands of people who need it in our communities. Now we couldn’t do this alone. This is made possible by a mixture of dedicated staff, hard-working volunteers, and everyday people like yourself. People who get up everyday with the intention to help us make a difference, one food pickup at a time. Your monetary contribution today makes the lives of others, easier, tomorrow. put their trust in us to rescue their food, we ask that you do the same this CFC fair by making a donation to Food Finders. Thank you for taking the time to hear our story and support our mission. I cannot thank you enough.