Finding the Path to a Healthy and Productive Future at Youth 180

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Youth 180, Inc.

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The video describes the behaviors that often result when youth do not know how to solve their problems in healthy ways, and it describes what young people receive from participation in Youth 180 programs.
Location Content Scene Description
00:00 Being a kid today can be tough, and sometimes kids try to solve their problems (Sad girl looking down, with her folded arms resting on knees pulled up)
00:05.20 with drugs and alcohol (Packet of pills in a hand)
00:06.20 violence (Teenage boy punching a seated young person)
00:07.20 and other self-destructive behaviors (Young teen sitting alone against a wall and looking down)
00:09.20 Youth 180 helps kids learn to solve problems in healthy ways. Our program helps kids find: (Youth 180 logo and mission statement)
00:15.20 peace, happiness and hope (Woman talking)
00:17.87 the ability to trust (Man talking)
00:20.27 healthy decisions (Woman talking)
00:22.27 an appreciation of their unique strengths (Man talking)
00:24.83 a sense of self (Woman talking)
00:26.23 decision-making skills (Woman talking)
00:28.87 self-worth (Woman talking)
00:30.83 empowerment (Man talking)
00:32.17 communication skills (Woman talking)
00:34.20 confidence and strength Woman talking
00:36.30 sobriety (Woman talking)
00:37.63 motivation (Woman talking)
00:39.20 a new mindset (Woman talking)
00:40.50 support without judgment (Man talking)
00:42.10 a community of support (Woman talking)
00:44.27 resilience (Woman talking)
00:45.77 I’m on my way to a healthy and productive future. (Smiling young woman sitting in the driver’s seat of a car, giving the “thumbs up” sign)
00:50.77 Youth 180, Helping youth find the path to a healthy and productive life, Learn more at (Youth 180 logo, mission and website)