Every Response Matters

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End Violence Against Women International

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End Violence Against Women International’s video Every Response Matters features a survivor talking about how a trauma informed response and our Start by Believing program would have improved her chances for justice and healing.

0:00 – Every Response Matters
0:02 – “When the initial law enforcement officers came to my apartment, responding to a friend who had called to report that I had been raped, they were very dismissive.”
0:15 – “I knew that they weren’t listening based on the questions that they were asking me and it was really frustrating, and I lost a lot of hope. I really felt like, ‘Why did I bother calling?’”
0:25 – Start by Believing
0:28 – “Just go in there and understand that this person’s been through a difficult, difficult ordeal, and they just want somebody that is going to listen and care about them.”
0:40 – Your Response Matters
0:44 – “If my responding officers had started by believing, I don’t think it would have taken me nearly as long to reach some sort of level of healing.”
0:55 – EVAWI CFC #11400
0:58 – Start by Believing Logo