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Warrior Canine Connection

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Speaker: Jennifer Wilder, Director of Development, Warrior Canine Connection
[music playing 00:00]
[00:16] Jennifer: [music continues softly in the background] Every single dollar we raise can help make a huge difference in the lives of dozens of Warriors and their families.
[00:22] Jennifer: No gift is too small.
[00:24] Jennifer: In fact, it costs Warrior Canine Connection more than $30,000 to breed, care for, and train and place every single one of our dogs.
[00:32] Jennifer: A donation of $1,000 buys veterinary care for a puppy for its entire puppy training period.
[00:36] Jennifer: $100 buys a round of puppy vaccinations
[00:39] Jennifer: and $25 puts our service dog in a vest and a leash.
[00:44] Jennifer: These funds raised through this campaign help fuel the operations of this amazing organization.
[00:50] Jennifer: Every single donation counts.
[00:52] Jennifer: Please consider making a donation to Warrior Canine Connection.
[music begins to fade 00:56]