Disrupting: Poverty; Empowering: Economic Inclusion

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Operation HOPE

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Operation HOPE serves adults, youth, disaster survivors, and employees with financial dignity programming and coaching through our award-winning model of community uplift, HOPE Inside. Our mission is to equip individuals and families with the financial knowledge and tools necessary to create a secure future. Our programs and services are offered at no cost to the client.
Through the generous support of our partners and donors we’ve empowered more than 4 million adults and youth with financial dignity, and directed over $3.2 billion in economic activity into disenfranchised communities — turning check-cashing customers into banking customers, renters into homeowners, small business dreamers into business owners, and uncertain disaster victims into financially empowered disaster survivors. But we’re not done yet. Your financial support will help us impact more communities across the country with financial literacy. Consider making a donation today.