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The video shows the President and Founder of Dependable Hands giving a tour of the Dependable Hands Food Bank the day after a food giveaway.
Transcript: Hello, my name is Cornellius Osborne, I am the President and the Founder of Dependable Hands.
Dependable Hands is a nonprofit organization which primarily started out by feeding and clothing our homeless veterans.
And we went from clothing and feeding our homeless veterans to taking care of any homeless people or families that are needy families in the Madison County and Limestone County area.
We are now in the Food Bank portion of Dependable Hands and these are our shelves that you see are kind of thin now.
But the reason being is because we had our giveaway yesterday (September 12, 2019) and a lot of it is gone now.
So, we got to restock these shelves and this is what it looks like after the giveaway; as well as this freezer and other freezers here which was full to capacity and at this time is almost empty and needs to be restocked.
That’s where CFC comes in at and we appreciate that they can give us the funds and allow us to restock these shelves and freezers for the needy people.