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The funds that Defenders Of Freedom raises, or that our donors contribute, will keep veterans from becoming homeless. We pay their rents, we'll keep their lights on. It'll pay insurance, it'll pay a car bill sometimes so that they can go to work and not lose their jobs. So our goal is to keep them moving forward, and that's what those dollars do. On our other program, for the brain treatment, it gives them their life back. It brings them back to a state of function that they haven't had sometimes for years.

If it wasn't for her back in 2014, I would have been homeless.
If you're falling, they're not going to let you fall down.
I'm very very grateful, like I said, for that. They...they saved my life.

I want people to see our veterans as strong. I don't want people to feel sorry for them. They are veterans, they're not victims. They did choose this service, and they served honorably. It's because the ones that really need the help, are the last to ask for it.