Dare to Dream

Charity Name
UCP Heartland

Charity Type

CFC Number

Cause Area


UCP Heartland logo fades in, upper left corner; hold logo on-screen
Scene 1
On the screen is a beautiful, animated Milky Way and the words “Dare to Dream.”
(Full animation) Mother’s hand opens a bundle to reveal a baby’s smiling face. The father and mother are then shown on a serene hillside, holding the baby, looking very content. A castle is in the background, with lovely trees and grass. A town is pictured next to them with colorful houses surrounded by picket fences.
The scene slowly pans up to the sky with clouds, birds and a full view of the castle and twinkling lights.
Scene 2
The scene pulls forward through a window to a close-up of the mother in a room. Outside the window, the castle is still visible. The leaves are falling off the trees, snow starts to sprinkle; the seasons change from summer to winter.
The scene opens up to the whole room. The mother, father and the now older baby are in a doctor’s office, with the doctor. The baby is happily sitting on the examination table. The doctor begins to look perplexed and realizes that the baby is not hitting her milestones.
The mother, father, and baby look concerned.

Scene 3
Scene transitions back to the castle roof.
The scene pans down from a close-up of the castle’s roof to a close-up of a hand holding a blueprint drawing of the castle with a ramp leading up to the front door. The hand pulls away revealing the parents and the baby in front of the castle. The baby is now a toddler and is shown using a wheelchair as they all look at their accessible home.

Scene 4
Child is now pre-school age and she is shown in her wheelchair with her parents, walking into a UCP Heartland program center. An adaptive tricycle is shown outside.

Scene 5
We return to the opening scene on the hillside, looking at the castle up on the hill. The mother, father, and friends of many ages are watching the little girl come up the hill, riding an adaptive tricycle.

The scene pans up to a starry sky with the Milky Way and the words “Dare to Dream.”