Crystal finds the help she needs at North Hills Community Outreach

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North Hills Community Outreach

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Opens with logo, then a view of Nicole, Service Coordinator, in her office speaking about North Hills Community Outreach's Pathways Program. The image cuts to a mom, Crystal, sitting in a living room, speaking about how she had to leave her husband with only bags full clothes, her two children, and her van. Scene transitions to her two elementary school aged boys walking down the street of their neighborhood of Millvale in Pittsburgh, PA, and of her giving her eldest a kiss on the cheek. Scene returns to Crystal sitting in her living room explaining sleeping on an air mattress with her boys on the floor of her dad's house, living pay check to pay check and "going by the seat of her pants" not knowing where anything was coming from. Her girlfriend referred her to North Hills Community Outreach. Scene cuts to the inside hallways of NHCO's office where Nicole, Crystal, and her sons are walking to their appointment. Crystal continues with voice over that she "was able to get a lot of her utilities kept, help with paperwork for food stamps or CCIS, scene cuts to shelves of toys and Crystal speaks voice over, "provided Christmas gifts for the kids for the past three years, scene cuts to volunteers working in the food pantry with Crystal voice over speaking "utilized the food bank and initial back pack drive" and scene transitions to kids choosing backpacks. Scene transitions to volunteer walking up with a pair of coats, Crystal voice over says "they have also given my kids winter jackets which is always a blessing." Returns to a Crystal speaking in her living room. Scene fades to Nicole and Crystal sitting outside meeting and having coffee with voice over from Nicole saying "The great thing about the Pathways Program is it's all about empowerment. I am not giving her anything she didn't already have. She had all the tools in her toolbox. Scene transitions to NHCO logo and the words:
Thanks Federal Employees for Sharing the Love though the Combined Federal Campaign. CFC #53330