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Crossroads Urban Center

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The video consists of text blocks and a series of images. In order the text appears:
Did you know? (picture of building).
For over 50 years, Crossroads has run one of Utah's busiest emergency food pantries (white text on black background).
We distribute boxes that supply 3 days worth of food (picture of food pantry supply area).
Crossroads also runs a charitable Thrift Store (picture of Thrift Store building).
where those in need can cone get clothes & household items for FREE (picture of clothing).
Every year, Crossroads serves over 67,000 people (white text on black background).
Crossroads also organizes advocacy groups dedicated to making change (white text on black background).
Picture of person speaking to a group.
Picture of person speaking at a podium.
Every week, volunteers dedicate hundreds of hours of their time (white text on black background).
Picture of volunteer carrying a box.
Picture of volunteer standing in food pantry.
Without your donations and volunteer contributions, Crossroads wouldn't exist (white text on black background).
Please join us. CFC#69248. (White and orange text, black background).