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FosterAdopt Connect is a multi-service nonprofit organization founded by foster families and dedicated to providing support and advocacy to create a more caring and effective child welfare system. Our services help families gain the resources they need to be effective, loving caregivers, and help foster children find their Forever Home.

Kids thrive in caring, committed families. Our programs provide services to two primary groups: foster and adoptive children, and the parents/guardians who care for them. We have 10+ programs here at FosterAdopt Connect, some of our current programs include Sammy’s Window, Family Advocacy, Behavioral Intervention, the Family Connections Shelter, and our Community Connections Youth Project.

Sammy’s Window provides food and clothing to foster and adoptive families at no cost. Family Advocacy is a peer-to-peer support network that connects families in need of advice or guidance in navigating the Child Welfare system. The Behavioral Interventionist program provides in-home behavioral modification services that reduces the need for long-term residential treatment for children foster, adoptive, and at-risk youth.

Our Family Connections Shelter is a short term emergency placement service for children entering foster care or families in the process of reunification. Lastly, our Community Connections Youth Project provides voluntary case management services for older youth or young adults who recently “aged out” of foster care, or are homeless.

Our programs help fulfill FosterAdopt Connect’s mission of providing foster and adoptive children a stable, loving, and nurturing family environment by support and advocacy for abused and neglected children and families caring for them.


400,000+ kids are in foster care nationwide.
Through no fault of their own, foster kids have suffered abuse and neglect.
And once in foster care, they bounce from foster home,to foster home, to foster home.
Kids thrive in caring, committed families. FosterAdopt Connect puts a face to kids who would otherwise be ignored.
With advocacy and training, we listen.Through innovative programs and services, we act.
Everyone can do something because we care.
With code 74243, you can improve the lives of foster kids.