COVID-19 Emergency Response

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[music plays]
Photos appear with text on the screen:
Text: COVID-19 Emergency Update
Photo: a UMR worker caring for a crying child
Text: Our teams are on the ground delivering lifesaving aid
Photo: UMR worker wearing a mask delivering supplies
Text: Filling the gaps to make sure no one goes hungry
Photo: Masked UMR workers standing
Text: We are delivering cash assistance to families struggling to pay for medicine
Photo: a father and daughter getting cash assistance from a UMR worker, a photo of cash
Text: and emergency food bags to refugees who have nothing to eat
Photo: bags of supplies
Text: they urgently need our help
Photo: a child drinking out of a glass
Text: we must act now to prevent a catastrophe
Photo: masked volunteers delivering supplies
A black screen appears with the UMR logo reading Donate today to save a child’s life and a website