Conservation League Bus Trip to Cruise Ship Hearing in Columbia, SC

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South Carolina Coastal Conservation League

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[Caroline, the Land, Water & Wildlife Project Manager at the Coastal Conservation League, stands outside on a sidewalk next to where a black tour bus is parked in Charleston, South Carolina. Caroline is holding a travel mug, and the bus door is open. Beyond the bus, a palmetto tree is visible, along with several parked cars.]

CAROLINE: Hi, my name’s Caroline Bradner. I’m the Land, Water and Wildlife Project Manager for the Coastal Conservation League. And we are standing here, getting ready to hop on a bus to go up to Columbia for the South Carolina Supreme Court hearing to argue that citizens have a right to challenge government decisions that impact them, like a big new cruise terminal. And we couldn’t do this without you, so I just wanted to say thank you so much. We will represent you well in Columbia, and we’ll keep you posted on how it goes.