Community Shares of Minnesota 2019

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Community Shares of Minnesota

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Audio-We are Community Shares of Minnesota. Image- logo. Text-We believe in a fair, just and equitable Minnesota. Image- Jewish Community Action march & Kulutre Klub Collaborative Speaker. Image- In the Heart of the Beast 2 kids in costume. Text- We raise funds for our member nonprofits through workplace giving. Image- 2 cartoon people with money bag. Image- Inquilinx Unidx por Justica group picture with text of name. Text- All of our member nonprofits are social justice-based. Providing the funds needed for nonprofits to organize, advocate, & educate for a better Minnesota. Image- Two women from with cameras In Progress art group. Image- Child with cerebral palsy and Mentor at ACT. Text- What we fund: Affordable Housing, Accessible Healthcare, Equal Education, Community Building, the Arts, & more. Ensuring that underserved and unheard Minnesotans have opportunities & a voice. Image- One Voice Mixed Choir singing and clapping hands. Audio- Pledge today through your workplace campaign. Text-Pledge today through your workplace campaign. Image- Heart with dollar sign. Image- YouthCARE kids laying in grass. Text- Charity is good, Change is better. Text credits- Community Shares of MN created by: Sheryl Raygor, Program Manager. Created with work by: All photos were approved by member nonprofit groups to be used in Community Shares of MN marketing. Thank you to Jewish Community Action, Kulture Klub Collaborative, In the Heart of the Beast Theater, Inquilinx Unidx por Jusitca, In Progress, ACT, One Voice Mixed Choir, & YouthCARE. Audio- Thank you for your support. Image- Logo. Text- Thank you for believing that change is better. We appreciate your support!