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Feeding Tampa Bay

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Hundreds of thousands of individuals in Tampa Bay lack consistent access to healthy food. Factors like money and transportation may limit the ability to purchase food, but external factors like location play a role as well. West Central Florida is home to a number of “food deserts” or areas where quality, affordable foods are lacking. In these areas, grocery stores or farmer’s markets are nonexistent and residents must travel a significant distance to purchase healthy foods. Those who struggle to buy groceries, often struggle with transportation – defaulting selections to nearby fast food restaurants.

Feeding Tampa Bay’s Mobile Pantry program brings healthy, nutritious foods directly into these food deserts. Refrigerated trucks full of fresh produce, meat, bread, and shelf-stable products drive into at-risk neighborhoods to deliver food to those in need, free of charge. Mobile pantries currently run in 8 of our 10 counties and serve close to 20,000 people each month. Learn more about our mobile pantry program at