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Children's Medical Ministries

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For 30 years, Children’s Medical Ministries has been reaching out with compassion to the poor and needy, in the US, and around the world.. Your involvement with CMM has made a difference in five continents and over 63 countries.

Here in the US, CMM donates food, water and clothes to local homeless and Rescue shelters in the Baltimore and DC metro area. These Shelters help the homeless and addicts get back on their feet.

Around the world, some of the ways Children’s Medical Ministries is helping children and their families feel safe, educated, loved and cared for is by providing places of education, summer outreach camps for children and the disabled, Free Medical and Eye Glass Clinics, Digging Water Wells, and reaching out to communities in times of disaster.

Your gift of $2 a week, for a year, provides nutritious vitamins for a poor and needy refugee or orphan child.

$5 a week, for a year, will send one special needs child and caregiver to a summer camp. Thank you for being a difference maker!