CHAD: Funding charities. Changing Lives

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CHAD (Combined Health Agencies Drive)

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The video shows the impact that CHAD (Combined Health Agencies Drive) has across the state. By funding charities, we are able to ensure they are able to support those affected by health in the state of Nebraska. The video shows some of the support provided as well as a look back at our history and why giving to CHAD is important.

A health diagnosis doesn’t discriminate based on zip code. (map of Nebraska)

Nebraskans from all over the state are affected by chronic disease, disabilities and end-of-life issues. (map shows local residents affected by health and supported by our charities)

CHAD supports 21 member health charities that are working statewide to offer a hand to all affected. (a visual representation of all of our charities)

A hand to hold. (a baby holding a parent’s hand)

A hand to help. (a woman putting food into a pantry)

A hand to guide. (someone reading a booklet of material)

As Nebraskans, we raise our hands and make our voices known. (two people talking in the State Capitol)

And lend a hand when needed. (a hand squeezing a ball while giving blood)

Since 1972, we’ve had a hand in making Nebraska’s communities a better place. You have been a part of that. (past CHAD logos are featured)

You can be again. (current CHAD logo)

Local Impact. Felt Statewide. Give Now. (website and CFC code)