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Navy League of the United States

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The U.S. is a maritime nation. It is critical that our sea services — U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and U.S.-flag Merchant Marine — have the support they need to preserve our nation’s security.
The Navy League is the only military service organization where you have the power as a civilian to make a significant difference in the lives of these service members and their families. Whether at one of our local council events, at our Sea-Air-Space exposition or through our Seapower magazine, the Navy League provides one independent voice for the entire maritime community through education and collaboration.
Join us in our mission. Visit today, and see how you can start serving those that serve others.
00:00-00:01 – Navy League of the United States Logo 00:02-00:05 – Homecoming of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier 00:05-00:12 – Warmly embraced Navy sailors being welcomed home by friends and family 00:13-00:15 - Navy officers conducting a tour of a ship for visitors 00:16-00:19 – United States Coast Guard servicemen and women and Navy sailors greeted by family 00:20–00:24 – United States Coast Guard Ship and Navy Ship in ports 00:21-00:22 – Navy League of the United Stated Council members participating in a group discussion 00:23–00:28 – Sailors featured with toys collected through a NLUS toy drive and a NLUS council ship welcome home event 00:28-00:31 – Flight deck of an aircraft carrier with planes departing and Marines on the shore in a light armored vehicle 00:32-00:33 – Navy League of the United States logo featuring four slides in the four corners each representing the four branches of the sea services we support: U.S. Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, and U.S. Flag Merchant Marines 00:33-00:37 – Officers attending NLUS’s maritime defense expo, Sea Air Space, held annually each Spring 00:38-00:40 – NLUS publication of SeaPower Magazine 00:41-00:42 – Naval Ship Commissioning 00:43-00:45 – Flight deck of an aircraft carrier with fighter jets arriving 00:45-00:46 – Admiral delivering an address at a ship commissioning 00:47 – Navy Sailors in a light armored vehicle 00:48-00:49 – Fighter jet taking off of an aircraft carrier 00:50 – 00:60 – Navy League of the United States logo with our CFC # and web address