CFC 12547 Progressive Life Center

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Progressive Life Center

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The following text plays over a variety of photos depicting youth who are at first struggling, and later thriving: Did you know that foster kids are three times more likely to be expelled?
Foster kids experience PTSD at twice the rate of war veterans?
Did you know that only about 50% graduate from high school?
We can’t just stand by. As a community we can do better.
Choose CFC number 1 2 5 4 7 and ensure important community programs like our ACE Center.
Starting in 2020, foster kids in Prince George’s County have a place to beat the odds.
Through counseling, kids address their trauma so they can begin to heal.
They get homework help and learn new habits and strategies for keeping their grades on track.
Their curiosity is sparked with tours of businesses, colleges and vocational schools.
At the ACE Center kids will feel the embrace of a community who wants and needs them to succeed.
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