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Children Fighting Serious Illness aka Songs of Love Foundation

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Songs of Love Founder John Beltzer explaining what the charity is all about. A video is shown of Elayna listening to her "song of love" and then back to John. The transcript of the video is as follows: Hi. This is John Beltzer of Children Fighting Serious Illness also known as the Songs of Love Foundation.

For the past 23 years we have helped sick children and teens by giving them their very own fully produced personalized songs, free of charge. Each song contains the child’s name and all of their favorite people, pets and things. Many times the “songs of love” have brought smiles and nothing could. Now here’s Elayna listening to her “song of love” for the first time.

On behalf of the Songs of Love Foundation, I would like to thank all of the CFC contributors that have supported us in the past and we hope that we can once again count on your support.
Many federal employees have been on the front row of our symphony of love. Our CFC number is 12143. Thank you for your support.