Central Texas Food Bank PSA

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Central Texas Food Bank

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A child is struggling in school and does not have supplies. Voice Over Audio : "Every year, thousands of working Central Texas Families and their children hide their struggle with hunger." Cut to shot of woman in house-keeping uniform walking with cleaning supplies. Cut to scene of same child arriving home from school, alone. Cut to scene, it is dark. He opens the refrigerator door, looks inside. He does not take anything from it and closes the door. Voice over audio, "But just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there." Cut to scene of woman in housekeeping uniform walking through a hall. Cut to scene of same woman sitting at home at night with the child at the table working on school work together. VO audio: "The Central Texas Food Bank provides food and grocery products through" Cut to scene of mother and child holding hands. VO audio: "a network of over 300 partner agencies" cut to scene of mother picking out food at a counter with a volunteer handing out food. VO audio: "across 21 counties in Central Texas." Cut to shot of mother smiling and receiving food. VO audio: "We work with farmers, retailers and manufacturers to get people the food they need." Cut to scene of mother and child leaving a food pantry with bags of food and packing into a car. Title card over video: "$1 = 4 meals". Audio VO: "Hunger hides, but we can help." Cut to scene in car. Mother buckles seat belt and looks at child. They both smile. Cut to Central Texas Food Bank logo. VO Audio "Let's fight hunger in Central Texas." End 30 seconds total