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Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas

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Testimonials from mothers who have lived in the guest house of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas.I was in a very bad place mentally.
2 I lost my apartment and my car...
5 ...and I was three months pregnant.
8 When I came [here], I was broken.
10 I was really scared about being a mom...
12 ...because I wasn't raised with parents.
14 I just kind-of stepped out in faith...
16 ...not knowing where I was going.
17 Care Net [of Central Texas] took me in.
20 And it was hard - there was curfew...
22 ...there was a lot of chores to do.
25 It was more disciplined, but...
27 it taught me a lot as far as
28 being a mom, and how important
31 it is to have consistency for
32 your children.
34 I don't know where I would be without this place.
37 I am actually extremely thankful for CareNet.
40 Um, I personally would not be where I am at today
43 if it wasn't for CareNet [of Central Texas.]
45 They let me in with open arms
47 and they were there the whole time.
49 They don't let you give up.
50 So, they're the push for you.
52 They will be your helping hand,
55 but it's up to you to get through it.
57 The Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas
has helped families in need for 15 years.
Every gift, large or small, makes a difference!
Please designate SECC# 445018 in your contribution.
Please designate CFC# 62241 in your contribution.