Cancer Support Community Central NJ: So that no one faces cancer alone

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Cancer Support Community Central New Jersey (CSCCNJ)

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Video Transcript:
Cancer Support Community is here to ensure that no one faces cancer alone. When people walk through this door of this farmhouse, you can see the transformation that takes place by just being able to connect with one of our social workers or to participate in a program. Just the understanding that they’re not alone and what that does to somebody.

It does affect the entire family in different ways. So, you know, allowing that each member of the family to come in and receive the support that they need I think that’s the most important thing about CSC (Cancer Support Community Central NJ).

Our social work team provides individuals with the tools that they need, the support they need, in a sense of community that they need to empower individuals and to strengthen them into taking actions they need to be able to advocate for the best healthcare. No matter who you are, no matter where you are, or what part of your journey you’re in, you can turn to this organization, and at no charge, receive the services that you need for you and your family to thrive in the face of a life-threatening cancer diagnosis.

Video Description:
This video is a general overview of Cancer Support Community Central NJ and the services provided. Speaking are Amy Sutton, CEO and Jesse Guzik, CCLS, Child/Youth Program Coordinator. The circa 1700s farmhouse is featured as well as a variety of programs offered throughout the video.

About Cancer Support Community Central NJ
Cancer Support Community Central New Jersey (CSCCNJ) is a registered 501c(3) and an independently licensed affiliate of Cancer Support Community, an international nonprofit organization. As experts in oncology mental health, the organization provides support, education, and hope to all people with cancer and their loved ones, so that no one faces cancer alone®. Backed by evidence that the best cancer care includes social and emotional support, CSCCNJ creates a caring community to help individuals live with, through and beyond cancer. At no cost to patients, family members and caregivers, the organization delivers essential programs and services including individual and group support; educational workshops; hands-on nutrition and healthy cooking education; classes to enhance health and wellness; and social activities for the entire family. In 2019, the organization is celebrating 15 Years of Community + Compassion. For more information please visit their website at or call (908) 658-5400.