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Can Do Canines raises and trains assistance dogs to help people with disabilities. We
take care to match each highly skilled dog with just the right person—so both of
them flourish in the relationship.
Our vision is that one day everyone who needs an assistance dog will have one. But
right now we have a long list of people waiting for a Can Do Canine.
In this video, we show dogs helping their human partners live more independent,
safer, and happier lives.
There are no spoken words in the video—only music, captions, and video scenes of
people living day-to-day with their four-legged partners. We show canines on the
job as Hearing Assist Dogs, Mobility Assist Dogs, Seizure Assist Dogs, Diabetes Assist
Dogs, and Autism Assist Dogs.
For instance, a collie uses a rope to pull open a school locker for a child in a wheel
chair. A woman sitting on the floor after a seizure is hugging the yellow lab who
helped her through it. A black lab stands on her hind legs, using her mouth to pick
up a cell phone from the kitchen counter for her teenage partner who isn’t strong
enough to get it herself. A golden retriever helps a girl with autism walk calmly in a
grocery store with her mom. A black lab joyfully grabs a tube of glucose tablets and
runs it all the way upstairs to her partner having a low blood sugar event.
The video ends with the Can Do Canines logo and our website:
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Hearing Assist Dogs
Mobility Assist Dogs
Seizure Assist Dogs
Diabetes Assist Dogs
Autism Assist Dogs