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Bobbi and the Strays is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abandoned, abused, and euthanasia list dogs and cats. In order to visually show the work that we do, we decided to highlight the story of our special boy, Buddy.
The video shows before and after pictures of Buddy, along with some very short after videos showing how happy and how far he has come since the time that he was rescued.
The following is the audio for the video:
“The best way to show you what we do is to give you a brief story of our Buddy. He was found tied to a tree in a park in this horrendous condition, every inch of his skin being pulled by this mess causing extreme pain.
Though still groggy from sedation you could see the relief on his face after being shaved.
Once completely out of sedation he was scared and didn’t trust humans, and with good reason! He was emotionally scarred. With tremendous patience, love, and determination, we transformed him from a human hater to our bubbly Buddy.
Buddy has made major strides in his rehabilitation, at this point he likes female staff and volunteers and is waiting for the right human to come along.
For now Buddy is a happy boy who loves being with us because he gets so much love every day.
Please support our work.”