Boy Scouts of America: Be the Change

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Boy Scouts of America

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Content: A youth Scout narrates the impact of Scouting, accompanied by video of local Scouts.

Transcript: Local Scouting helps shape lives. Forever. So can you. When you support the Boy Scouts of America Tidewater Council, you're giving more than a donation to local youth. You're helping build future community leaders and stewards of a better tomorrow. Our local Scouts raise a lot of money for their programs themselves, but they need your help to continue their mission to build a more conscientious, responsible, and productive society for all. Contribute to the Boy Scouts of America Tidewater Council. Be the change in your community.

Action: Images of local Scouts. Scout holds up his arm, making the Scout sign. A group of Cub Scouts make the Cub Scout sign. Cub Scouts race in a Pinewood Derby. Scouts work together on a high adventure ropes course. Scout leaders lift a kayak. Images of local Scouts. Boys climbing. Cub Scout embraces a Scout leader. Image of ribbons and awards. Group of Scouts walks together. Scouts climbing on high adventure ropes course. Images of Scout neckerchiefs. A large group of Scouts, led by a peer, shine their lights. Patches spell out "Be the Change."