Because of You, There is a Way

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United Way of Benton & Franklin Counties

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United Way of Benton & Franklin Counties
2019 CFC Video with Subtitles – Video Transcript

00:00-00:03 Opening Title – United Way of Benton & Franklin Counties Logo
00:04-00:06 “United Way goes beyond single issue and temporary fixes” – man at kitchen table
00:06-00:08 “By taking a comprehensive approach” – Four focus areas: Basic Needs, Financial Stability, health, education
00:08-00:10 “When you give to United Way” – Young disabled child learning to walk & clapping
00:10-00:12 “You transform your community” – Therapy recipient giving high-five to TROT staff
00:12-00:14 “You educate new parents…” – young couple with small child
00:14-00:16 “…prevent and reduce poverty” – young single mom with sad baby
00:16-00:19 “…help the vulnerable become vital and independent” – disabled man smiling
00:19-00:21 “…reduce homelessness” – young woman sitting against a building with belongings
00:21-00:23 “By working together…” – Community members with carload of food donations
00:23-00:27 “…we can see the future of Benton and Franklin Counties” – two girls playing in a park
00:27-00:30 “Give Today to Change Tomorrow!” – text: Give Today. Change Tomorrow!
00:30-00:33 Because of You, There is a Way
00:33-00:34 “We are the faces” – female police officer, City of Kennewick
00:34-00:35 “We are the faces” – Middle age man
00:35-00:37 “We are the faces of United Way” – female nurse
00:37-00:38 “We are” – Jim Millbauer, Union Representative
00:38-00:39 “We are the” – Hispanic woman
00:39-00:40 “We are” – Man with motorcycle helmet
00:40-00:41 “We are the faces of United Way” – Mary Imper, Community First Bank
00:41-00:42 “We invite you” – Firefighter
00:42-00:43 “We invite you” – young woman
00:43-00:45 “We invite you to join us” – man
00:45-00:56 Cheerful Music - CFC # 75509, United Way logo, Thank you!