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Basket of Hope is a nationwide charity, where we administer to children who are hospitalized.
And we go and visit them and their family, to encourage and love on them, and we bring them a Basket of Hope. That's how we minister to them, through the Basket of Hope delivery. And we offer them an age appropriate basket, full of toys and games, and goodies to entertain them and help them recover while they are in the hospital. And the family is offered, which is the heart of Basket of Hope, a Hope Tote, which is filled with Jesus. It's filled with bibles, and music, and just a variety of inspirational materials. To really tell the family and show the family, from the community, that they are loved, that they are not forgotten, that there is hope. To be encouraged, and that their not alone. So, if your heart is touched by the needs of seriously ill children and their families, who spend a lot of time in the hospital. And you would love to be a part of Basket of Hope, everyone can be a hero for hope, this season coming up.

Basket of Hope's mission is to give hope to children diagnosed with cancer or other serious illness through the delivery of a Basket of Hope filled with toys, games, craft items, stuffed animals, gift cards, and other items. Hope Totes are optional for the parents and contain gifts to nourish them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Fade up. Saints players are walking in a hospital with a bunch of gift baskets. One football player shakes hands with a smiling girl in bed. A little boy is opening up his basket and pulls out a book.

Ann Ollendike, New Orleans Coordinator for Basket of Hope, sits in a room giving an interview.

Little boy is handed an Iron Man toy and his basket. Saints football player hands a tote of hope to a family member.

Lots of totes on the ground all ready to be given out. Piles of books, they are Basket of Hope Bibles.

Saints football players praying with family members. They are all holding hands, with their heads bowed in prayer.

Lots of people surround a boy who looks excited with his Basket of Hope.

Boy with a saints baseball cap smiles at others in the room. Little girl playing with stacking toy.

Ann Ollendike, New Orleans Coordinator for Basket of Hope, sits in a room giving an interview.

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