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(Over 150 volunteers included retired NFL players, gathered to help assemble over 1,000 gift baskets and totes to be given to hospitalized children and their parents. The baskets are filled with age appropriate toys, games, craft and educational items, stuffed animals, and more! The parent totes include items to nourish them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.)
Anytime you have the opportunity to give back to young people or just people that are less fortunate than what you are, I believe that we all should have that opportunity and we should all be able to give back because its one of those feel good things is that we have to do something good in our lives and what better way than giving back than giving back to kids.
(Sponsors and support from groups such as the CFC help to purchase all of the items to be included in each Basket of Hope and Hope Tote. Volunteers work to put it all together and help to transport the finished baskets and totes to the hospital)
The volunteers make this thing work. You know and it takes hundreds of volunteers to get this thing to where it’s at right now and it takes another hundred to try to get the baskets to the hospital so, without them, without the volunteers it really doesn’t work.
(Hospitals receive the Basket of Hope gifts and allow the NFL players and other volunteers personally deliver the baskets and totes directly to each child and their parents. The families love the generous gifts and personal visits.)
Today is the most exciting day because we get to deliver all the baskets and totes that we assembled yesterday. And we’ll be delivering to every child in this hospital. It going to be a wonderful day!