The Arc Educational Advocacy

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The Arc of Calhoun County

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A little boy is shown coloring at a school desk as his older sister speaks as the voice-over:
“My brother wasn’t learning like I did.”
“He was also hard to understand.”
The sister is shown drawing a picture of her family as she continues to speak:
“My parents were worried.”
“They didn’t know how to help him.”
Brother and sister are shown walking on a sidewalk with their backpacks toward a school building, ready to start the first day of school. The sister continues:
“When it was time for school, they called The Arc.”
As she reaches to open the door to the school, the scene cuts away to the girl completing the drawing of her family, writing at the top “me and my brother.”
The scene cuts away as the music pauses – then pans to a sunny day on a playground where the children are seen running and playing. The sister says:
“The Advocate helped my mom and dad understand the Special Education process.”
The children continue to play and run around the playground.
The scene switches to the little boy at his school desk, raising his hand in class. The sister narrates:
“My mom and dad know how to help my brother. This makes me happy.”
Scene changes to show The Arc’s sign. The sister continues:
“Thanks to The Arc of Calhoun County for supporting my family.”
Scene changes to the sister’s finished drawing of her family.
Web address appears