Alaska Children's Trust- Preventing child abuse and neglect

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Alaska Children's Trust

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[00:00:18] The Alaska Children's Trust is all about the prevention of child abuse neglect. We use our resources to empower communities organizations and individuals to really address this issue because we can't do it alone. We're always advocating that our children and families are healthy. [00:00:18]
[00:00:22] When I think of after school I think of it as a time of unlimited list potential. If there's someone there to help support young people explore learn grow and be safe and healthy. You know at the heart of it what after school does for kids in our state is it keeps them safe and inspires learning and it supports working families.
So the Alaska resilience initiative addresses adverse childhood experiences and intergenerational and systemic trauma. We're one of the first states to put trauma informed approaches into statute not only resolution but into statute to say that it is a policy of the state of Alaska.
This is a complex issue but there is hope. We have made progress. We have made impact. And over the next years to come we will continue to grow and ensure our children thrive and our families blossom. Thank you for all your support.