AGAPE of North Alabama, Inc.

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AGAPE of North Alabama, Inc.

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Hi. I’d like to introduce you to AGAPE of North Alabama, CFC

At AGAPE, we’re about foster care, adoption, family preservation.
We’re committed to making sure children can overcome the hurts
of their past and avoid hurts in their future.

Every time the child is removed from a home, he/she loses the
very things that are most important them: things like family and
friends, their pets, their schools, and even their places of worship.

The disruption that comes from these losses can be long-term
and devastating. In a normal foster care placement there is a 10-
15% chance of disruption.

At AGAPE, we dropped that rate to 5% using a Trauma Informed
Care model. We expect it to drop even lower.

We’d like to ask for your help. As you plan your giving for 2020,
please remember AGAPE of North Alabama, #39960.