The Action Center - Community.Compassion.Connection.

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Jeffco Action Center - DBA The Action Center

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The video opens on time-lapse of the Action Center’s building. Executive Director, Pam Brier’s voice can be heard in the background stating:
“The Action Center is a comprehensive human service organization in Lakewood Colorado.”

The scene cuts to Brier with Stardust Mural behind her. She goes on to say:
“We serve 20,000 people a year across Jefferson County.”

As the scene fades to a gentleman selecting milk from a cooler and then moves on to volunteers stacking crates of food. The scene then cuts back to Brier as she states:
“Immediate recourses like food, clothing and emergency assistance.”

While speaking, the scene fades to food racks in The Action Center’s self-select grocery, clothing bank, and ends on a volunteer greeting participant and handing out information. Brier’s voices fade in to say:
“A lot of people think the Action Center is just here for those who are experiencing long term crisis but actually; we’re here for everyone in the community.”

During the above statement, the scenes quick cut between Brier, a participant selecting flowers from the Self-Select Grocery, and a participant select eggs, before the scene returns to Brier – who goes on to state:
“In the last year the federal government a significant shut down”

The scene fades to participant advocate speaking with a participant about their needs as Brier says:
“…and a lot of our local federal employees in Colorado were suddenly finding themselves in a really hard spot and the Action Center was there for them as well.”

There is brief interlude as the music volume increases and we watch a volunteer fill an order for household items and pack a bag with items. The scene then returns to Brier who states:
“The Action Center is proud to provide services across our community. Our pillars are community, passion, and connection.”

While still speaking, the scene cuts to volunteers sorting food for the Self-Select Grocery. There is a brief cut to Brier who says:
“We work with anyone who comes through our door.”

Before the scene cuts to a staff member taking appointments over the phone. And then returns to Brier for her final statement:
We hope that the Action Center will be your charity of choice for your workplace contribution. Thank you.”

End scene fades in with an Action Center logo and contact information.