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United Way of Larimer County tackles issues that matter most to our community and uses a collaborative approach to accomplish more together. We provide opportunities for businesses, individuals and organizations to be involved in strengthening Larimer County. United Way of Larimer County leads philanthropy in our community, ensuring that gifts of time, talent, and treasure address today's greatest needs - and reduce tomorrow's. We believe investing in youth is not only the right thing to do, but it is also the best way to ensure a strong economy and community. Our programs and partnerships in this area focus on kindergarten readiness, reading at grade level by the end of third grade
and high school completion. Through United Way of Larimer County, our local preschoolers are better prepared for school, and local students are better prepared to enter the workforce. We believe in supporting initiatives that decrease the need for future social services. We support programs and partnerships that focus on a pathway from poverty to self-sufficiency as well as disaster response and recovery. Through United Way of Larimer County, local citizens can better navigate challenging times and get on the road to self-sufficiency. We believe strong communities are characterized by a high level of civic participation. Our programs and partnerships focus on increasing volunteerism, collaboration across sectors, creating a pipeline of civic leaders and business engagement with the community. To get more people involved, United Way of Larimer County recruits and engages volunteers, encourages collaboration, creates a pipeline of civic leaders, and engages community employers. We believe the nonprofit sector plays a vital role in creating and maintaining a resilient community and that donors’ dollars should be used to fund effective and efficient programs that show results. Our programs and partnerships coordinate with more than 70 local nonprofits, funding collective impact activities, evaluation of outcomes and data-based reports for donors. Through United Way of Larimer County, our local nonprofits benefit from professional development, shared services, outcome evaluation, and more.

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United Way of Larimer County
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