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For three decades, United Latinx Fund (ULF) has served as Greater Los Angeles’ leading foundation and philanthropic resource created for and by Latinx and is one among a few Latinx-specific funds throughout the United States. ULF nurtures resilient communities by advancing and investing in equitable, impactful and sustainable Latinx-serving nonprofits, innovations and leaders. Over the past 30 years, ULF has awarded over one million dollars to over 600 nonprofits throughout Greater Los Angeles working to transform, uplift and improve our community's quality of life.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, ULF responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and civil-unrest due to police violence by launching a series of rapid-response initiatives that address the growing needs of Latinx and other underserved communities throughout the region:

● Campaign for Nonprofit Resilience – An urgent call to action for local leaders to advocate, educate, invest in, and sustain our most essential and impactful nonprofits. The campaign provided local nonprofits with culturally responsive and timely resources to address administrative, fiscal and programmatic needs, successfully reaching over 1,200 individuals and their respective organizations.
● Fireside CharLA Virtual Event Series - This virtual event series features select elected, business and community leadership to discuss the specifics of their real-time solutions to address the mounting challenges facing vulnerable communities throughout Greater LA such as COVID-19, civil unrest in response to police brutality, homeless, healthcare and criminal justice reform. Panelists were asked to share how their solutions redress endemic inequalities within communities of color throughout the region, now and into the future. The Fireside CharLAs hosted 30 episodes, featured 40 guests and convened over 800 attendees.
● Community Grants Program - Through the generosity of employee donations, ULF's community grants program provides unrestricted funding in the form of small-grants to grassroots nonprofit organizations committed to creating a Los Angeles where Latinx thrive. ULF’s investments in nonprofit jobs and housing programs and strategies that improve job readiness, increase the number of living wage jobs, and make housing more available and affordable.
● Back Home Initiative (BHI) - The need to decisively address our homeless crisis is more imperative than ever as leadership is being asked to take immediate and impactful steps. BHI is an innovative, efficient, cost effective, and scalable solution to curtail the unmitigated rise in homelessness throughout the city and county of Los Angeles by constructing and maintaining a minimum of 150 fully furnished, move-in ready Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) free of charge on single family and multi-family properties. BHI works to simultaneously addresses multiple needs by: 1) Providing supportive housing to individuals and families at-risk of becoming homeless or ready to exit transitional housing; 2) Preventing homeowners from entering homelessness by generating monthly passive income from ADU rental; and 3) Building inter-generational wealth in low-income communities that are disproportionately impacted by homelessness.

ULF works tirelessly to ensure that LA County’s most vulnerable populations receive the
resources they need to remain healthy, earn a living wage, and maintain a respectable quality of life. Your generosity ensures that all Los Angeles residents are cared for, thank you!

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United Latinx Fund
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United Latinx Fund Snapshot
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